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Symptoms, Causes and Remedies of Hypothyroidism

Symptoms, Causes and Remedies of Hypothyroidism

What is thyroid gland?

Thyroid Gland The thyroid is a vital gland. It plays a very important role in metabolism, growth and development of the body. It is responsible for producing three main hormones Triiodothyronine (also known as T3), Tetraiodothyronine (also called thyroxine or T4) and Calcitonin. The thyroid is located below Adam’s apple along the front of the windpipe. Thyroid has two sides connected by the bridge also known as the isthmus. Various diseases can be caused due to an issue with the thyroid gland. But we will mainly focus on Hypothyroidism. —

What is hypothyroidism?

Hypothyroidism stands for hypo = meaning low and thyroidism = production of thyroid hormone. In this disorder, the thyroid gland produces less than the required amount of thyroid hormone. This causes various problems, some are gender-neutral and some are gender-specific. We will talk about the cause later on but first, let’s see the symptoms of hypothyroidism.

Causes of Hypothyroidism

We all know “precaution is better than cure” still we keep falling prey to laziness in taking care of our health.

Iodine Deficiency

Iodine deficiency is the most common cause of hypothyroidism. This can be easily mitigated by taking enough iodine in the diet. The most common way to ensure this is to take iodised salts. These are regular table salts which have iodine already added to them. So whenever you consume this salt you ensure proper intake of iodine. You can also complete your iodine deficiency using iodine tablets like this.

Swelling of Thyroid

Another most common reason for hypothyroidism is inflammation of the thyroid gland. Due to inflammation thyroid can’t produce enough hormones and this causes Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis or autoimmune thyroiditis.

Radiation Therapy

Sometimes radiation therapy leads to the destruction of thyroid cells, which are then not able to produce hormone and results in hypothyroidism Thyroid Surgery Often removing a large part of the thyroid gland after the surgery leads to hypothyroidism and requires the patient to take supplements.

After Giving Birth

After women give birth, about 5% develop postpartum thyroiditis which can occur up to nine months afterwards.

Pituitary Disorder

Very rarely, the pituitary gland does not produce enough Thyroid Simulating Hormone (TSH), with lead to lower production of hormones causing hypothyroidism.

Symptoms of Hypothyroidism

Having only one symptom from the list below does not mean that the person has hypothyroidism but having two or more than two symptoms is a warning sign. If someone has more than two symptoms they should immediately visit a doctor.


Patients suffering from hypothyroidism often feel a lack of energy and tiredness. Sometimes, they feel sleepy. They won’t be able to complete even small tasks such as climbing stairs without getting tired.

Sudden Weight Gain/Loss

Certain patients, gain a lot of weight or lose a lot of weight in a very short period without any reason. Patients all of a sudden notice that they have lost/gained a lot of weight in a very short period.

Feeling Cold

They often feel cold, even at room temperature, they feel very cold. This could be a symptom of some other disorder also if this is the only symptom presenting.

Poor memory and concentration

Patients with hypothyroidism have a hard time concentrating on the task. They keep forgetting things and have to work hard to remember things.

Hair Loss

Though this is not very common some patients suffering from hypothyroidism complaint of hair fall. In some cases, this can be very severe.

Dry Skin

Most people having dry skin with rashes and red patches do not have hypothyroidism. Myxedema is a red, swollen rash that is characteristic of the thyroid problem. —

Symptoms of hypothyroidism(only in infants)

These symptoms only present themselves in infants or early day of a human child.

A large, protruding tongue

It is often hard to notice but if parents check carefully they can find the anomaly in the child’s tongue size.

Hoarse Crying

Hoarse crying is when someone sounds rough, raspy or breathy while crying. This is often a symbol that something is wrong with the child. The child should be immediately taken to the doctor for medical checkup.

Umbilical Hernia

An umbilical hernia is when a part of your intestine sticks out through the opening in the abdominal muscle through which umbilical cord used to pass. —

Natural Home Remedies for Hypothyroidism

Well, doctors will recommend the medication according to the person which will treat hypothyroidism and there is no alternative for that, but you can use certain home remedies which are also beneficial for the person suffering from the hypothyroidism.


Selenium is present in a very small amount but plays a very vital role in thyroid hormone metabolism. Many products in the market contain selenium such as turkey, tuna, brazil nuts e.t.c. Hashimoto’s thyroiditis is an immune attack on the thyroid which often diminishes the supply of selenium. Supplementing the selenium levels often help in treatment.

Sugar-Free Diet

Sugar-free diet is very important, Diet must be sugar-free. Sugar in diet can lead to inflammation which can slow down the production of T3 and T4 hormone in the body. Sugar gives energy for a very short period, eliminating it might help in the regulation of energy in the body.

Vitamin B-12

Low thyroid level in the body effects the levels of vitamin B-12 in the body taking supplements might help with the vitamin B-12 and hypothyroidism. Vitamin B-12 can also be gained from food:-

  1. peas
  2. sesame seeds
  3. milk
  4. cheese
  5. tuna
  6. asparagus
  7. eggs

    People with some other conditions should be careful while consuming vitamin B-12, they should consult their doctors regarding this.


In various studies there scientist has found a direct link between thyroids disorders and intestine functioning. Probiotics contain live bacteria which can good, they help in killing the yeast present(harmful). This might not be effective in the treatment of hypothyroidism but it is good for general health. Yoghurts, raw cheese, kefir are some of the items which contain probiotics which are good for health.

Gluten-Free Diet

Adopting a gluten-free diet is more than a fad for people suffering from hypothyroidism. Many people suffering from thyroid disorder also suffer from celiac disease, which is a disorder of not able to handle gluten. But be careful while buying gluten-free products, certain gluten-free products are not healthy and carry major health risks.


It is considered one of the most effective ways to control hypothyroidism and there are certain cases where people have cured of hypothyroidism using yoga. Yoga is a practice that originated in ancient India and it is practised to this day. This is not just effective in treating in the hypothyroidism. Some people also claim that they have been cured of various other disease using yoga. Doing yoga half hour a day can greatly reduce your stress and improve your condition.

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