Things I use and Recommend


This is the important assets for any person as per me. Without a my pen I fell useless. I keep it with me everywhere I go. I use Cello Gripper. It is one of the oldest company producing pens. Cello company was established in year 1995 which was later bought by BIC.

Cello Gripper Pen

Biology Book

I love this book, ofcourse after NCERT. It summarize the whole NCERT in one book. Awesome book to study for CBSE Boards and NEET exams. This book is helped me to revise but this book is no substitute for NCERT.

Biology At Fingertips 2019

S.L. Arora

When we try to find the reference book for the Physics S.L. Arora and H.C. Verma are two prominent books that come in our result. I have used both books. So, I will discuss the features of both books. I will start with S.L. Arora. This book is more geared towards the CBSE Exams and Competetive exams. The derivation and questions are mostly from the NCERT and in many contexts similar to the NCERT. This books first explain the concept in the standard way(similar to NCERT books) and then will give answers to question from NCERT and many competitive questions(JEE). There are some HOTS questions also.

Class 11

S.L. Arora Physics Class 11

Class 12

S.L. Arora Physics Class 12

Concept of Physics (H.C. Verma)

Let’s talk about H.C. Verma. It is more geared toward understanding rather than the NCERT or questions. The author has focused the book to improve the understanding of physics in the reader’s mind. He discusses physics in a more interesting way than the standard way, ultimately reaching the same conclusion as NCERT. The question in this books tests the understanding of students. This doesn’t include competitive questions. Here I have discussed both the books. It’s your choice to buy the one which you like.

Part 1

H.C. Verma Part 1

Part 2

H.C. Verma Part 2